When Indonesian KPOP stars Zayyan from XODIAC and Kim from VVUP teamed up, it got fans excited. But who are they? Let’s find out.


The Rise of Indonesian KPOP Stars


Indonesia is making a name in the KPOP world. Two standout artists are Zayyan from XODIAC and Kim from VVUP. Fans everywhere love their talents and performances.


Who is Zayyan from XODIAC?


Zayyan is a great singer from the KPOP group XODIAC. With his strong voice and likable personality, Zayyan is becoming a top Indonesian star in KPOP.


Introducing Kim from VVUP


Kim is another new star from Indonesia, part of the upcoming KPOP group VVUP. With her good looks, dancing skills, and fun personality, Kim has many fans and is set for success in KPOP.


The Exciting Challenge Video


Fans couldn’t wait to see Zayyan and Kim working together. Finally, on March 22nd, VVUP’s Instagram showed a video of Kim, Suyeon from VVUP, and Zayyan, Sing, and Leo from XODIAC doing the “Doo Doom Chit” dance.


What is the “Doo Doom Chit” Challenge?


The “Doo Doom Chit” dance is a popular dance on social media. It comes from a song by VVUP and has become a hit with fans everywhere.


Fans’ Reactions to the Challenge


People loved seeing Kim and Zayyan together. In an hour, the video received 25 thousand likes and 2 thousand comments, highlighting KPOP fans’ admiration for their stars on social media.The quick and positive reaction to Kim and Zayyan’s video shows how important social media is for KPOP.


Fans speculate about behind-the-scenes moments:


After the video, many speculated online about Kim and Zayyan’s off-camera friendship.


What Fans Think


People online are curious about Kim and Zayyan’s friendship and if they’ll work together again. Instagram and Twitter are full of fans talking about it.


What Fans Are Saying


Comments on Instagram @22_vvup_22 and Twitter @starfess show fans are excited and hopeful for more collaborations between their favorite kpop singers.


Why Collaborations Matter in KPOP


KPOP stars often work together to make great performances and connect with fans.


Building Connections Through Collaboration


Kim and Zayyan’s teamwork shows how collaborations can bring different groups of fans together. It’s a great example of unity in the KPOP world and strengthens ties with fans worldwide.


The Impact on Fans


The joint video made fans feel united and excited. They’re looking forward to more from Kim, Zayyan, and other KPOP stars.


Zayyan and Kim’s collaboration is a big deal for KPOP. It shows that music can bring people together from different places and backgrounds.




  • What’s the “Doo Doom Chit” challenge about?


It’s a fun dance that Kpop Idols and fans do together, making the KPOP community closer.

  • Why are collaborations good for KPOP?


They bring creativity, closer connections with fans, and help KPOP grow worldwide.

  • What did fans say about Kim and Zayyan’s video?


Fans loved it and want to see more collaborations.

  • How do social media platforms help KPOP?


They help stars connect with fans, set trends, and make KPOP popular worldwide.


  • What does Kim and Zayyan’s team-up mean for Indonesian KPOP stars?


It shows that Indonesian KPOP stars are becoming more popular and influential in the global KPOP scene.